New space badge wear begins Nov. 1
General Lord authorized wear of the new space badge to begin tomorrow.

By Tech. Sgt. Jennifer Thibault, Air Force Space Command Public Affairs
Posted Monday, October 31, 2005

New space badge wear begins Nov. 1
The controversial, and much derided, 'Space Wings'. Staff Sgt. Loring, NCOIC of Air Force Space Command Multimedia, is the man behind the new space badge. He drew inspiration for the design from the new Air Force symbol and Harley Davidson wings among others.

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View General Lord’s Vigilant Vector.

Keep wearing your missile badge.

Sergeant designs new space badge

PETERSON, AFB, Colo.—Air Force Space Command Commander General Lance W. Lord authorized wear of the new space badge to begin tomorrow.

“We will unify our USAF Credentialed Space Professional Community under a single space badge—a recognizable, distinctive symbol of the unique and challenging space mission and those who execute it,” said General Lord in his recent Vigilant Vector, a product similar to the Secretary of the Air Force Vector or Chief of Staff Sight Picture.

The space badge will be awarded to personnel in the following space billets: space operations career fields, 13SX (officers) and 1C6XX (enlisted); scientific/research, 61XX; developmental engineering, 62XX; and acquisition, 63XX; upon completion of education, training and experience criteria set forth in the Space Professional Certification Program.

“The rigor of this program means the basic, senior and command badges represent the solid space credentials of the wearer and, as the most significant departure from previous badges, are not based on a single AFSC, time requirement or skill level,” the general said.

Although authorization for wear begins tomorrow, the badge will not be available for purchase in clothing sales stores until the end of the year, according to Renate Smith, base clothing sales store manager.

Embroidered versions of the badge may be purchased through commercial vendors. Space professionals need to ensure the vendors have the approved badge design. Details on the approved design can be found at the HQ AFSPC Space Professional Management Office Web site: or

“Now more than ever, our nation’s security relies on space dominance. In that spirit, it’s time for Air Force credentialed space professionals to be recognized for their vital role in securing America’s freedom,” said General Lord. “Join me in proudly wearing this new symbol of a unique and critical element of America’s strength.”

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