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625th Strategic Operations Squadron Activated at Offutt AFB
In a ceremony held today in the shadow of the Minuteman I Intercontinental Ballistic Missile outside USSTRATCOM Headquarters, Major General Thomas Deppe, commander Twentieth Air Force and STRATCOM Task Force 214 activated the 625th Strategic Operations Squadron. The 625th is a tenant unit on Offutt AFB and reports directly to 20 AF, located at Frances E. Warren AFB in Wyoming.

By 55th Wing Public Affairs
Posted Thursday, June 14, 2007

The 625 STOS, previously the 625th Missile Operations Flight, supports STRATCOM’s mission in three distinct areas. First the Strategic Automated Command & Control System Flight is responsible for setting up and managing emergency action message dissemination systems in use at bomber, tanker, ICBM, and headquarters bases around the world.

The Weapons and Tactics Flight supports STRATCOM’s Joint Forces Component Command-Global Strike and Integration in maintaining current and accurate targeting for the Nation's 500 ICBMs. The flight also analyzes foreign ballistic missiles and provides threat information to the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System.
The Airborne Launch Control System Flight provides training and combat forces for two crew positions on board the Navy E-6B Mercury aircraft when performing the STRATCOM Airborne Command Post mission. Flying as integral members of the STRATCOM Battle Staff, the 625th provides a survivable means to launch the Nation’s ICBM force.

While the unit designation is new, the missions are not, dating back to the early days of Strategic Air Command. Lt Col Allen Steenhoek, 625 STOS Commander, said of the activation "The reorganization is important recognition for the critical nature of our role in national defense and will ensure the unit continues to fulfill its long standing mission requirements, yet be flexible enough to meet future challenges." “The 625th has a long history of cooperation dating back to SAC and its critically important role in nuclear command and control. This squadron activation is simply another step in our desire for the Air Force, Air Force Space Command and Twentieth Air Force to provide the best possible support to United States Strategic Command." Major General Deppe commented.